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Thanks to Jason, aka 'Streak', and Phil for their suggestions. Simply
stated, the Intel card does not currently send in color with the
Cornell v0.96a17 release. It will work in b/w however, and you can
still see others in color if you loaded the MJPEG codec.

Oh, in my original post I stated that the "View -> Preview" selection
was greyed out. Reading the proposed online users guide, I found a
reference that this feature has been disabled in this new release, but
in fact I still get the "Preview" option when I send b/w. Just a

As far as getting the Intel system to work with the Cornell CU-SeeMe
release v0.92b2 or this new release, I simply downloaded the latest
(and last) driver from Intel. You can get it at:

I use the 'Intel Indeo(TM) RAW Video' format. In my opinion I seem to get
a slightly better greyscale presentation than if I use the 'Intel
Indeo(TM) R3.2 Video' format. I also default my video size to "160x120".
Other than that, the card works just fine with v0.92b2 or v0.96a17...

Thanks again...

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Subject: Re: Al Jarvi's Intel Question
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Date: 5/10/1998 1:46 AM

On Sat, 9 May 1998, Bonnie Thurber wrote:
> I have an Intel camera available for my use also. I was told it was not
> suable at all with cucm. I would like any information you can give me
> about using this camera with CU-SeeMe

I got email from Al concerning this...It works fine in grayscale mode so
it WILL work fine with CU-SeeMe (the Cornell version anyway). It just
can't send in color on the new Cornell version due to the current lack of
support for YUV9 mode. Al might be able to help you to get it to work
with CU.

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