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Mon, 11 May 1998 11:32:20 -0600

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>Date: Thursday, May 07, 1998 2:47 PM
>Subject: 1.07b9 ref
> Maybe someone knows the answer to this question. cable modem. The
>problem seems to be that I can not get it to bind to both cards at once.
>The White Pine meeting point server seems to work and bind to both my
>cards with no problems, so I do not think it is a hardware problem. I
>think this should be able to be done with the ERv1.07b9 because I have
>been on refs. were the person who says they own and run the reflector has
>an internal private ip of usually indicating they are on a LAN
>,( to the best of my knowledge cu-seeme will not work through a proxy
>server except on UNIX and even then not to well ). Am I wrong and this
>reflector will not work that way? Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
>I am using a Dual P II 300 with 128meg of ram and 3-com 100m card through
>a Motorola 27 Mb cable modem. Thanks

It'll work as you want if you don't specify any hostname/ip for it to bind
to assuming your default bind address is reachable (not the 192.168.*
address). I can add support for multiple binds, bit of work but doable.