Re: Slow with CUSEEME

Andrew Clarke (
Mon, 11 May 1998 21:23:58 BST

** Reply to note from Mon, 11 May 1998 05:42:35 EDT

> Everytime I load CUSEEME 3.1 my computer starts to work really slow. As =
> in if I click on anything, the computer will respond after a minute. =
> This happens even if CUSEEME is the only program running. All other =
> programs run well on my computer.

I'm afraid that 3.1 doesn't like QuickCams. When I was using a b/w Quickcam
on my PII 300 with a whole load of RAM and stupidly fast hard drives, loading
3.1 dragged the whole thing to a grinding crawl.

My advice? Either get a non-parallel based solution, or use the new Cornell
client when it becomes generally available.

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