Re: CU, MeetingPoint, ERef, Etc. - Can we all get along?

Bill Ryan (
Tue, 12 May 1998 07:25:54 -0400


>you might well ask "whadda ya mean unfinished ?". take the recent
>release of your mac client as an example. i can't get it to run on
>either a g3 or an 8500. that patch is useless (runs fo 4 minutes
>and then crashes hard).

Odd....very odd indeed.
We have many users running Mac CU-SeeMe3.1 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week on
either a G3 (using our patch) or on a 8500 without crashing or leaking

This was one of teams specific goals (to be able to leave Mac 3.1 running
continuosly for days and days and days....without crashing or leaking
memory in a public conference with auto open ON).

Mac CU-SeeMe 3.1 went through extensive testing by engineering team, our QA
department and many alpha/beta sites as well as a public preview process.

Random public "cheap shots" such as the above are useless, are a source of
misinformation and are unhelpful in resolving potential problems.

First, are you a demo user or someone who purchased the product?
If you are a demo user, did you check the release notes for possible useage
of something unsupported (for example, some older PPP shareware has
problems with OT)?
If you have purchased the product, did you contact our technical support
dept.? If so, who did you speak with?

That said, I'd like to help you overcome any possible problems you may be
experiencing, but will need some additional information from you concerning
your configuration and set-up.

Please provide the following information:
Mac Platform
Mac OS used
OT version used
Type of connection (dial-up, ISDN, T1)
If dial-up, what PPP are you using?
Codec used
Does the crash occur on a specific reflector?
Does the crash occur if you connect to self for 4 minutes?
How much RAM does your system have?
How RAM have you given Mac CU-SeeMe 3.1?
Are you using auto-open when joining a conference?
Does the crash occurr during a specific operation?
Digitizer used



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