Future EREF features

Joe Izen (joe@utdallas.edu)
Tue, 12 May 1998 22:19:36 +0900

I'm currently using WP 2.1 and MPCS reflectors because unicast daisy
chains of reflectors are important for my uses. Do you have any plans to
support conference by conference unicast links in a future release? If so,
it would be crucial for my purposes that reflectors be savvy enough not to
burn up bw unless someone was listening.

nv support is important for some of my users. WP 2.1 support is barely
adequate, but nv users pop in and out on less than ideal network links
because nv doesn't have an open-continue command to tell the reflector it
is still there. The reflector needs to receive a bit stream in order to
know the client is still there in order to transmit. Can you think of a
way to improve the performance for nv clients?

Here's a dandy - anyway to translate formats and make unicast vic clients
interact with CU-SeeMe?

Ditto for H.323 and CU-SeeMe. I suspect this is a BIG job, but it would
be a Big Thing.

It's not clear to me that Cornell, White Pine, LBL, Microsoft etc are
interested in doing this. It may take an independent to make it happen.

-Joe Izen