Re: CU, MeetingPoint, ERef, Etc. - Can we all get along?

Mark (
Tue, 12 May 1998 20:00:57 -0700


no. that is not the problem i was talking about.

in all macintosh versions of the cornell client and wpine
macintosh versions up to, and including, 2.0, there is a 32k
limit in the chat buffer. when the received chat accumulates
to 32k worth of chat the client will either:

68k machines: start producng gobbledey-gook in the chat window
and possibly head for a bus error.

ppc machines: crash instantly.

as far as i understand, this bug is caused by the basic use of
the macintosh OS's TextEdit facilities.

this problem can be worked around by periodically closing the chat
window and reopening it.

chris's geek talk solves this problem by corretly wrapping memory
and allowing users to set a chat buffer ize before such wrapping

at no point did i blame wpine for introducing such a bug. i did, however,
point out that NOT FIXING this bug in particular, which was very obvious
to anyoe who uses the program for any length of time, had caused some
of us to develop a degree of cynicism regarding the whole affair.

it's easy to forgive the authors of a free software product their bugs,
harder to be as forgiving when it comes to a commercial product.


Wayne Fisher wrote:
> Mark wrote:
> > why chris's geektalk ? because he sorted the 32k chat limit problem.
> > a problem cornell never addressed and neither had wpine as of the
> > version 2 release (version 3 never runs long enough to determine
> > whether it has been fixed). that chat problem is a(nother) fine
> > example of why people get so frustrated with wpine.
> >
> >
> Mark:
> For your information, this same chat problem that you mention being
> contained in the wpine CU product is also present in the Cornell
> product. This was verified about 1 week ago when a programmer of the
> chat piece of the Cornell client posted a message to this list stating
> that fact (seems like a typo in the code). Since wpine licensed the code
> from Cornell for CU, doesn't it make sense that this bug is present in
> BOTH clients? So, before you start blaming wpine for introducing bugs in
> the CU code, make sure you have the facts straight... the chat bug (ie.,
> chat not always being sent and/or received) is present in the Cornell
> code, so it may have been inherited by the wpine product, and may not
> have been introduced by the wpine programmers.
> And, before I get accused again: I have no affiliation with White Pine
> (either formal or informal).... I'm just a user of their product trying
> to help out.
> - Wayne