RE: NT and Cornell V1.0 TCP problem

Connecticut Couple (
Tue, 12 May 1998 08:39:57 PDT

I agree that this is a solution for some - actually it was a solution
for me when I just required file & print sharing on my small home
network. But now I require the services of a proxy server to share my
internet connection, and this requires IP. This can also be a situation
that would be encountered on a business network, since Netbeui is NOT a
welcome addition to many networks due to it's scalability and
routability issues.


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>Gee, I dunno...I've had a home LAN ever since Windows for Workgroups
>first game out as a way to teach myself something about LANs in
>I always avoided to IP conflicts by just running Netbeui for the local
stuff and
>IP for the Internet/WAN stuff.
>Clearly this would not address everyone's needs bu might offer a
solution to some.
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>Subject: Re: NT and Cornell V1.0 TCP problem
>On Sat, 9 May 1998, Connecticut Couple wrote:
>> White Pine blames this on Microsoft, but personally I believe that it
>> a normal situation to have more that a single network connection, and
>> that there SHOULD be a way (command line, preference selection, etc)
>> select which adapter to use as a primary for the CU program.
>It's funny how people's ideas change...Just a few years ago, no one
>ever consider setting up up an internal LAN at home like this. Now it
>seems to be becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, it tends to
>break some software.
>In the unix world, the ability to specify which interface to bind to
>been the norm for quite awhile. I've seen some of the C code for
>the available interfaces that can be bound to so I know it can't be too
>hard. The only problem I see is that the initialization of ports is
>typically done when the program loads up. Changing the interface on
>startup might be possible, but the ability to change it while the
>is loaded would probably require a lot of reprogramming. But what do I
>know :)
>I do know it would be nice for CU-SeeMe developers, iVisit developers,
>etc. to realize that people ARE having multiple interfaces and to
>> You did mention connecting connecting to a self reflect conference,
>> would you possibly be able to point me in the direction of one of
>> these??
>Bill Woodland's reflector has a self-reflect conference..
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