Looking for solutions-

Troy (TRMAGIC@slip.net)
Wed, 13 May 1998 00:14:35 -0700

Hello all you CU-See'ers:

I have just recently aquired a PPC 6500/300. I also just a month ago
purchased WP v3.1 for the Mac and had several bugs over the last few
weeks. Come to find out, I had been sold a preview release. Well, as of
yesterday, I downloaded and reinstalled the newest version for Mac and
everything seems to be working fine (no more bugs, so far). I seem to
like the software alot.

I have a few questions for those that might be in the know:
1) I was wondering if anyone knows which file contains the contact cards
that are created in the WP program so they can be backed up occasionally?

2) I was looking for a snappy headset microphone that would fit the plug
for the mic. The apple mic seems to work fine but I would like to use
one of these other type units. I can find the headsets all over town but
need an adapter to plug it into the mic socket. The speaker ends seem to
be standard 3.5mm or whatever it is. Any leads would be appreciated.

3) Also, carousing around the internet I have seen some advanced users
doing some amazing things with there software. I would appreciate any
pointers in recreating these special effects. Such as scrolling text
across your video picture and using your video spot to display homemade
movie clips etc.

TROY REILLY (a.k.a. Griffin)
Wonderland Magic --- http://www.slip.net/~trmagic

"Logic only gives man what he needs...
Magic gives him what he wants!" -TR