Re: CU, MeetingPoint, ERef, Etc. - Can we all get along?

Mark (
Thu, 14 May 1998 11:48:29 -0700

egn wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm BACK! After a year off I rejoined the list.
> OK - as for these problems - there MUST be some more to the story. The Mac's
> I use most are my G3/266/AV, a 7600/132 and an 8500/200. I have been using
> all various iterations of CU 3.1 builds on all the machines without trouble.
> The ONLY problem I encountered was with the G3 and built-in video-in which
> was NOT White Pine's problem.

that is indeed interesting.

8500/120: i install a brand new, clean install, Sys 8.0. i then apply an
8.1 update. i then install wpine vesion 3.1.31. it runs as i stated earlier.
the longest stretch was about 12 minutes. internal video digitizer.

g3/266/AV: as above, 8.0 (shipped) applied 8.1, installed 3.1.31, installed
patch codec. error message as stated.

on the 8500/120 i had installed *no other* software prior to wpine CU.

on the g3 there are no apparent INIT conflicts. i have no idea who wrote the
patch. someone at apple ? someone at wpine ? i know from experience that the
component manager is not a walk in the park. whoever created the problem
with the internal video of the g3, it turns out to be WPine's problem. it's
their application that takes the hit. i'm very understanding if some bozo at
apple created the problem (wouldn't be the first time), but a user SHOULD NOT
HAVE TO CARE. the solution should be available. the solution should work.
end of story.

> Sometimes I run CU 3.1 24 hrs a day,

LOL.... HAHAHA :-)))......what refs are you visiting during this time ?? HAHA :-))
is this how apple support engineers spend their day at work ?? :-)))

> On the work machines, I even ran OS 8 and 8.1 with CU 3.1 WAY before they
> were finalized and released. Once again, with no problems.

perhaps that is a clue ? an earlier version installed a critical component that
is missing in later application installations ??

> So I am wondering
> if you have an extension problem or something else that the machines in
> question share configuration-wise.

i use the internal video on both machines. they both run 8.1. one of them runs
7.6.`2. on neither machine will 3.1.31 run successfully, though the errors are
essentially different on the two machines.

note: none of this is "slamming" white pine or the programmers there. it's
simply a description of the problems i encounter when attempting to
use their software in my space. i have been using CU for over 4 years, i
am familiar with it's operation. the Enhanced (2.0) version runs happily on
the 8500/120. cornell versions run happily on both machines, albeit with
geek installed. the g3 will not digitize local video with cornell either.

i have been very impressed that the programmers on this list from wpine have
both sent messages offering help. i was not seeking help. wpine 3.1 versions run
very well on both my windows machines (p/120 & pii/400) and behave impeccably
(pretty much, there's somethng wacko that happens if you paste stanzas of
poetry into teh chat window, i can live with it and use cornell if i quote
poetry online).