re: Newbie looking for direction

Rob Cates (
Thu, 14 May 1998 07:21:34 -0500

> Edward Young
> Management Analyst Programmer I
> Information Services
> Finance and Administration
> Nation Center for Supercomputing Applications

> I
> don't want to have to spend the next year reading through page after page
> on what cu-seeme can do, I just want to jump in.
With a sigfile like I am amazed you need any help at all ;-)
I use White Pine, Cornell, NetMeeting, Icuii and whatever other
vidconferencing software I stumble across. I find them all to be rather
intuitive. Never have trouble with any of them and have been using them
all for a few years now.

> Are they used primarily for
> business or does everyone just connect to each other to be able to use your
> cams?

I am sure there must be some business's using CUseeme, however, I only
use it for social purposes
I would suggest you just click away and then if you encounter a problem,
try to figure out what is wrong. It doesn't really require much reading
in order to jump right in. It's like a chat room...with pictures and the
conversations are.... ummm.... diverse.
Good luck with this, you can have a lot of fun.
Stick with this list and you'll get a lot of info and tips and more
technical advice than you can use.


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