Re: "Program Error" when starting CU-Seeme

Alan Jarvi (
14 May 1998 07:29:27 -0400


Go to the Microsoft 'NetMeeting Resource Kit' page online at:

In 'Chapter Six Troubleshooting', there is a section that addresses
this issue, at least for NetMeeting.

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Subject: "Program Error" when starting CU-Seeme
Author: at EXTERNAL
Date: 5/14/1998 12:44 AM

I have downloaded CU-Seeme for Windows 95 from both the Cornell site and
the White Pine site. Neither program will start. When I try to open them
I get the message:

"Program Error - Your program is making an invalid dynamic link call to
a .DLL file"

I have also had this same problem when trying to start Microsoft

Can anyone help me resolve this problem?