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Bill Ryan (
Thu, 14 May 1998 09:45:33 -0400

With respect to White Pine Macintosh version only....

>3) Also, carousing around the internet I have seen some advanced users
>doing some amazing things with there software. I would appreciate any
>pointers in recreating these special effects. Such as scrolling text
>across your video picture and using your video spot to display homemade
>movie clips etc.

I've developed several software video digitizers over the past 4-5 years.

Here's what I have as of today:

clipBoard vDig
- displays Mac clipboard contents as video

desktop vDig
- displays Mac desktop as video

MovieStreamer vDig
- streams QuickTime movies as video (no audio out support yet, just video)

Overlayer vDig
- requires 2 video sources (one usually live video via a camera)
- overlays user specified text anywhere on another video source
- allows user to "pixel edit" (ala an overlay) a video source as well

The above are not blessed by White Pine, but are just items I've been
interested in and thought would be "cool" to do in my spare time.

They exist in various stages of development and haven't been tested
extensively on all platforms/configuration under the sun.

Feedback/suggestions/ideas are welcome.

Some other fun stuff in the works..........


P.S.: I believe there is also another software vDig out there which allows
one to play PICTs stored in a file........

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