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Jeeves (
Thu, 14 May 1998 10:41:57 -0500 (CDT) wrote:

>1) I was wondering if anyone knows which file contains the contact cards
>that are created in the WP program so they can be backed up occasionally?

In your CU-SeeMe folder there should be a folder named "Private". Backup
the "CUSeeMe.rol" file in that folder.

>2) I was looking for a snappy headset microphone that would fit the plug
>for the mic. The apple mic seems to work fine but I would like to use
>one of these other type units. I can find the headsets all over town but
>need an adapter to plug it into the mic socket. The speaker ends seem to
>be standard 3.5mm or whatever it is. Any leads would be appreciated.

It's a strange beast. It may be 3.5mm, but notice the length of the tip?
Apple is using some type of powered connector, with a different impedence.
They achieve better audio with this. If you want the ability of using ANY
headset/microphone that claims to be PC-compatible, you will need to
convert the signal. Griffin Technology sells the adapter you need. I've
tried other adapters, and this is the BEST. Take a look at
http://www.Nashville.Net/~griffin/ (click on Audio Adapters). (what a
coincidence GRIFFIN!)

>3) Also, carousing around the internet I have seen some advanced users
>doing some amazing things with there software. I would appreciate any
>pointers in recreating these special effects. Such as scrolling text
>across your video picture and using your video spot to display homemade
>movie clips etc.

>TROY REILLY (a.k.a. Griffin)

Overlaying text in the video is a function of certain Cornell and White
Pine versions. White Pine 2.0 and the latest Mac Cornell has this
function. On the Mac you can display clips via Imposter, or scrap/clip
vdig. There is also one vdig extenstion that will use a QuickTime movie as
a source.

aka Jeeves