Re: Information on request for remote monitoring

ike relucio (
Fri, 15 May 1998 00:17:48 +0800

you could use a webcam software.

i've used webcam32 (by Neil Kolban) and one of its features is it can act as
an http server so if you leave your computer up and running the webcam
software while it is connected to the internet you can use any browser on
another computer to connect to the ip address of your 'webcam' computer to
see the video. you don't even need to create a HTML page to house the video.

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From: Saberalla <>
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Date: Thursday, May 14, 1998 02:53 PM
Subject: Information on request for remote monitoring

>Will someone describe (briefly) how the 2 computers need to be configured
>monitor (video only) a remote site via the internet. My alarm system will
>notify me via a pager call of a possible intruder. So I need a way a verify
>the presence of an intruder.
>Are there other products out there that will meet my requirements far
>(plug&play) than cuseeme?