Fixed Problem: "Program Error" when starting CU-Seeme

Quinn Biggs (
Thu, 14 May 1998 16:56:55 -0500

Two days ago I posted the following note:

>>I have downloaded CU-Seeme for Windows 95 from both the Cornell site and
>>the White Pine site. Neither program will start. When I try to open them
>>I get the message:

>>"Program Error - Your program is making an invalid dynamic link call to
>>a .DLL file"

>>I have also had this same problem when trying to start Microsoft

>>Can anyone help me resolve this problem?


I just wanted to let others know that after several hours of work, I
found the problem. The Cornell CU, the White Pine CU, and Microsoft
Netmeeting were all calling on a file named "stlthcap.drv" which was a
reminant of a previous video capture card that used to be installed in
my computer. I removed this file (which was in the C:\windows\system
folder) and all three programs work just fine.

Thanks for all the responses to my inquiry!