direct connect file
Thu, 14 May 1998 20:38:39 -0400

Can I create a file to call my desktop,
or anyone's desktop ?

In order to DIRECT connect now I have
to use the 'manual dial' button of the client.

Is there a file similar to the way
we have a .cu file to get to a reflector

I have created the .cu file link on a web page
to get to the reflector at on
web page :

I have pictures on that web page that are linked to my
Current IP at the time I login. I want to be
able to use this link to allow people to
DIRECT CONNECT to my desktop.
Currently I have set it up similar to a .cu file.
Say, my current ip is .
When click on a picture on the webpage, the client tries to
connect to my CURRENT IP , and it does NOT get there !
It says 'Connection to' and after it times out
with :
No response from
[ECU ID#:8293]
I believe it does not get there since it is trying to
get to what it thinks is a reflector, which is apparently
different than trying to execute a DIRECT CONNECT.

Thanks for your help..... in advance...