Re: New Cornell Version Problems

Bill Woodland (
Fri, 15 May 1998 18:50:53 -0500

At 09:57 PM 5/14/98 -0500, EGN wrote:
>Hey All,
>I am getting people who complain that when they leave a reflector they are
>getting DC requests constantly. Well after some legwork (done by "Bomb") we
>found that when a Cornell user leaves the ref, somehow afterwards gets DC
>requests from people who are still connected to the ref. OR if a user's
>connection times out, the then get DC requests from people on the ref - if
>they answer the request - guess what happens? They're BACK on the ref!!!
>[using Eref 1.0.7b9]
>Has anyone else seen this?
>Ulan King

Welcome back to the list, Ulan.

This sounds exactly like some of the problems I had last year while testing
the 92b2 Cornell version. I have a page that's essentially some emails
from myself to Steve Edgar at Cornell, and his replies, which may help
explain what's happening. Some of the suggestions he gave are for the PC
version, but the information on how the client and reflector interact is
still valid for MAC users. The link for this page can be found at the
bottom of my "Download and Getting Started" section, but to get there
directly, here's the URL:

I also have a link to it at the bottom of the similar page in the new users
guide for Version 1.0 at:

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