Re: direct connect file
Fri, 15 May 1998 19:11:12 -0400

At 04:45 PM 5/15/98 -0500, Jason Williams wrote:
>On Thu, 14 May 1998 wrote:
>> Can I create a file to call my desktop,
>> or anyone's desktop ?
>Define "call my desktop". If you mean connect to CU-SeeMe which is
>running on your desktop, yes.
Yes, I want to wake up the 'listener' program
and connect to the site in the .cu file.

>> Is there a file similar to the way
>> we have a .cu file to get to a reflector
>> to do a DIRECT CONNECT ?
>I'm not sure how Macs handle it, but I have several .cu/.csm files on my
>computer that allow me to double click them and load up CU to connect.
>> Currently I have set it up similar to a .cu file.
>> Ie,,
>> Say, my current ip is .
>> When click on a picture on the webpage, the client tries to
>> connect to my CURRENT IP , and it does NOT get there !
>> It says 'Connection to' and after it times out
>> with :
>> No response from
>> [ECU ID#:8293]
>It depends on the format of the CU/CSM file...I assume it's setup with
>something like:
>Since it's saying "No response from" with spaces in it,
>make sure you don't have any added spaces before the IP address in the
>cu/csm file.

No, there are no spaces in it. I have 3 .cu scripts setup.

1) :
Goes to the reflector on another machine, this one works fine.
The .cu file has '', not the ip; !

2) :
This has my current IP . It does not work completelly.
It WILL wake up the listener program as expected,
however it does NOT connect to the IP, which in this
case is my current machine IP.

using WP3.1.1, If I "manual dial" my local machine with an IP,
it DOES connect !

3) :
Does NOT work either, since it uses the IP for the
reflector ( ip= ).

===> Found another one of those critters in the WP3.1.1 release !

Wonder if WP gives out bug awards ? how about givin a color
cam for every bug (whitepine). Sure would be an incentive and
much cheaper, then paying your Quality Control people to find it.

I guess the .cu file somehow differs in that it needs to
resolve the name of the site in order to work !
You cannot hand off an IP from a .cu file to connect anywhere
with WP3.1.1

BTW, Cornell.92b2 does wake up by the .cu spawn , but it does NOT
connect with ANY of these scripts. I remember this bug in cornell
from years back..its still there.

>And also I'm assuming you're connecting from ANOTHER computer...not sure
>if it will connect to yourself or not. You can always try and
>click on it to see if it connects to yourself.

Yes, WP3.1.1 will resolve your 'machine name', ''
'localhost' to your local ip and connect. sort of like a
self-reflect site.( usin win95 )

>> I believe it does not get there since it is trying to
>> get to what it thinks is a reflector, which is apparently
>> different than trying to execute a DIRECT CONNECT.
>All CU knows is that it's an IP address...there's no way to distinguish
>IPs that are reflectors and IPs that aren't reflectors. They all use the
>same connect sequence I believe.
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Summary :
Know , how do I connect to my machine, or have anyone connect to
it using a .cu file link off a web page ? I guess I have to wait for
YetAnotherRelease. ( ma~nana , spanish for ' tomorrow' )