Re: direct connect file

Jason Williams (
Fri, 15 May 1998 21:37:18 -0500 (CDT)

On Fri, 15 May 1998 wrote:
> Yes, I want to wake up the 'listener' program
> and connect to the site in the .cu file.

The listener has nothing to do with the ability to connect with cu/csm
files. It just loads up CU and connects to the given IP.

> >> Currently I have set it up similar to a .cu file.
> >> Ie,,
> >> Say, my current ip is .
> >> When click on a picture on the webpage, the client tries to
> >> connect to my CURRENT IP , and it does NOT get there !
> >> It says 'Connection to' and after it times out
> >> with :
> >> No response from
> >> [ECU ID#:8293]

Looking at this again, I noticed you are using the Enhanced Version. Make
sure the listener is enabled otherwise you'll refuse any connections
(including those to yourself).

> No, there are no spaces in it. I have 3 .cu scripts setup.
> 1) :
> Goes to the reflector on another machine, this one works fine.
> The .cu file has '', not the ip; !

I assume since it works fine, you know to output the right MIME type, etc.

> 2) :
> This has my current IP . It does not work completelly.
> It WILL wake up the listener program as expected,
> however it does NOT connect to the IP, which in this
> case is my current machine IP.
> using WP3.1.1, If I "manual dial" my local machine with an IP,
> it DOES connect !

I believe manually dialing your own machine doesn't touch the listener at
all. Using a cu/csm file to do it should enable the listener so if you
ignore people with the listener or have it turned off, it would prevent
you from connecting like this.

> 3) :
> Does NOT work either, since it uses the IP for the
> reflector ( ip= ).
> I guess the .cu file somehow differs in that it needs to
> resolve the name of the site in order to work !
> You cannot hand off an IP from a .cu file to connect anywhere
> with WP3.1.1

I'm not sure why it wouldn't connect, but I've used a numerical IP many
times when connecting off of web pages. Take a look at my reflector
scanner. Most IPs in it are all numerical. Click the Go link on a few
and see if it connects.

> BTW, Cornell.92b2 does wake up by the .cu spawn , but it does NOT
> connect with ANY of these scripts. I remember this bug in cornell
> from years back..its still there.

It was never a "bug" as far as I know. The Cornell version never
advertised the ability to connect with cu/csm files..until the 1.0 PC and
Mac versions which should be released very soon.

The PC version auto-connects with cu/csm files just fine..regardless of if
they are numerical or not.

> Yes, WP3.1.1 will resolve your 'machine name', ''
> 'localhost' to your local ip and connect. sort of like a
> self-reflect site.( usin win95 )

Actually, it just uses the local loopback mechanism so no data is actually
transferred thru the modem.

> Summary :
> Know , how do I connect to my machine, or have anyone connect to
> it using a .cu file link off a web page ? I guess I have to wait for
> YetAnotherRelease. ( ma~nana , spanish for ' tomorrow' )

Or just cut on your listener..or use the 2.1.1/2.1.2 version and enable
the listener. There are many possibilities. It sounds more like your
listener needs tweaking.

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