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Ray Gannon (
Sat, 16 May 1998 00:09:55 -0400 (EDT)

My machine came with the "Jabra Earphone". It's a molded earpiece that plugs
into the headphone and microphone jacks on the Mac. The microphone portion picks
up the sound of your voice through your head so it's nearly immune to ambiant
noise. It's a pretty slick package.

I've seen a few posts about the microphone jacks on the Macintosh and thought
I'd flesh them out a bit.

The Jack on the Macs is 3.5mm and not the 1/8" like you find at Radio Shack. The
sizes are really close but the Radio Shack plugs tend to be a bit loose and can
cause static in the sound since they are smaller. I've had pretty good luck with
the gold plated 1/8" plugs though.

The microphone jack on all the powermacs requires a "line level" input which is
about 1 volt. Most mics available need an amplifier to work on these machines.
The "Plaintalk" microphones from Apple have an extended plug that allows them to
tap into the 5 volt power in the Mac. This power is to run the amplifier that's
built into the Plaintalk mic.

One of the previous responces mentioned a VDIG that displayed pictures. It's
called "Imposter" And can be found on all the usual archives.

In message <> writes:
> Hello all you CU-See'ers:
> I have just recently aquired a PPC 6500/300. I also just a month ago
> purchased WP v3.1 for the Mac and had several bugs over the last few
> weeks. Come to find out, I had been sold a preview release. Well, as of
> yesterday, I downloaded and reinstalled the newest version for Mac and
> everything seems to be working fine (no more bugs, so far). I seem to
> like the software alot.
> I have a few questions for those that might be in the know:
> 1) I was wondering if anyone knows which file contains the contact cards
> that are created in the WP program so they can be backed up occasionally?
> 2) I was looking for a snappy headset microphone that would fit the plug
> for the mic. The apple mic seems to work fine but I would like to use
> one of these other type units. I can find the headsets all over town but
> need an adapter to plug it into the mic socket. The speaker ends seem to
> be standard 3.5mm or whatever it is. Any leads would be appreciated.
> 3) Also, carousing around the internet I have seen some advanced users
> doing some amazing things with there software. I would appreciate any
> pointers in recreating these special effects. Such as scrolling text
> across your video picture and using your video spot to display homemade
> movie clips etc.
> Magically,
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