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Larry Chace wrote:

> Dick Cogger, manager of Cornell's Advanced Technologies and Planning group
> within Cornell Information technologies, asked me to forward the following
> note.
> ========
> NCS-ATP Staff leaving Cornell
> >From Dick Cogger:
> I'm happy to be able to announce that I and the rest of the staff
> of the NCS Advanced Technology group have accepted positions with Vienna
> Systems, an affiliate of Newbridge Networks, both based in Kanata, Ontario
> (near Ottawa). We have been hired to form an R&D center for them here in
> Ithaca. Vienna is a rapidly growing company focused on Voice over IP,
> or IP telephony, and will be able to make good use of our background in
> "Workstation Telephony" and networking. We start there on May 18th.
> All of us look back on our time at Cornell as an important and
> rewarding experience and are happy to have been able to make a contribution
> to this excellent institution. At the same time, we are excited about
> having this opportunity to test our abilities in the commercial world, and
> especially to be able to do it while staying together as a group and
> staying in Ithaca.
> ========
> (In case you haven't guessed, this is the group that has been responsible
> for Cornell's freeware program CU-SeeMe.)
> The following folks are the ones leaving. I have included our present
> Cornell e-mail addresses; mail sent to these addresses will be forwarded to
> us, at least for the foreseeable future.
> Pete Bosanko <>,
> Larry Chace <>,
> Richard Cogger <>,
> Josie Cundy <>,
> Steve Edgar <>,
> JianMei Li <>,
> Tom Parker <>,
> Melinda Shore <>,
> Joy Veronneau <>,
> Andy Wyatt <>
> The official Cornell contact person for matters related to CU-SeeMe remains:
> Martyne Hallgren <> campus_phone: 607-255-5421
> CU-SeeMe has been an exciting project, one that has succeeded far beyond
> its humble beginnings. We hope it has been of value to you!
> Larry Chace (for the entire group)

My sincere congratulations to all of you and my heartfelt wish for continued
success. I have been on this list since 1994 and I know this technology has come
to maturity to a great extent because of you people.
I am wondering about the future of Cornell and her affilliation with CU. Is this
the end? Could you give us your views on the future of VC for amateurs?
Again, thank you for your efforts!!!

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