Re: b and w mjpeg prob (new cornell)

Bill Woodland (
Sun, 17 May 1998 02:12:45 -0500

At 08:16 PM 5/16/98 +0000, J. Stephen Downie wrote:
>Howdy experts:
>Why can I use mjpeg with my b and w
>quickcam in the WP version but
>only get video capture not supported
>errors when i try the newest cornell
>and its mjpeg???
>Thanks in advance,
>J. Stephen Downie
>PhD candidate
>Graduate Programmes in Library and Information Science
>Faculty of Information and Media Studies
>University of Western Ontario
>London, Ontario, Canada
>(519) 432-3053

What video format did you select?

That version only supports certain formats, which are listed in the
"Capture Cards" section at:

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