Re: b and w mjpeg prob (new cornell)

J. Stephen Downie (
Sun, 17 May 1998 14:44:21 +0000

hi bill and gang:

thank you for the prompt reply.

here is the situation:

1. WP 3 lets me send mjpeg using my
b and w connectix quickcam. I like this
codec cuz my "viewing public" appreciates
the lack of "blocks" when I move about.

2. The newest version of CU looks great
however, i keep getting "capture setting errors"

3. I installed the latest pmjpeg32.dll from
paradigm. Interesting enough, my WP recognized
the changed (slight name change in the select
codec menu). This did not seem to help the
new Cornell at all.

3. Been setting format to 120-160 (both 16 and
64). Neither overcomes the error.

Any suggestions, i am game to enter
*.ini files, etc. Looked at my system.ini,
and it has a whole whack of various codec
definitions so it seems fine. Interseting
aside, assuming WP and the new Cornell both
get info from the system.ini file, both
give me different options to select codecs.

Other little point, the color slider bar
does not become "grayed out" when I select
the black and white Cornell option.

All help is appreciated. I would rather
use the Cornell (both for me and my students)
as I am more philosophically inclined to
the spirit behind the Cornell project and
its marvellous supporters and developers.


J. Stephen Downie
PhD candidate
Graduate Programmes in Library and Information Science
Faculty of Information and Media Studies
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada
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