Re: Keyboard use interferes with picture transmission

Jason Williams (
Mon, 18 May 1998 00:29:21 -0500 (CDT)

On Sun, 17 May 1998 wrote:
> I have just set-up a Connectix b&w QuickCam and have installed cu-seeme
> software. I have tried it out just once with a friend. I lose the picture
> when I type and have to bring it back up again. He claims that he doesn't
> lose the picture when he types.

Do you mean your local vid goes out completely? Or the window containing
your local vid goes into the background? If it goes out completely, it
sounds like a problem with the Quickcam..I know a few others that have had
problems with slow response from the keyboard and the Quickcam. The
solution was to replace the Quickcam. If the window is going to the
background and you're using the Cornell version, right click and choose
Keep in Front.

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