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Perhaps this isn't the appropriate forum to continue this, but as it is
at least tangentially related to cu-see-me I'll continue until other object...

Maybe it isn't necessary to have people "take turns" in the classic sense of
a game, anymore than if the party was actually together in the flesh.
What I mean is that everyone would be walking and examing stuff more or
less autonomously, confering on what they have found, etc. The synchronisation
with that the "game part" of the game is doing would probably only need occur during
battles with things that want to do you harm... When finding a box to open,
I see no need for someone to "take the floor", but rather a conference to determine
who the sacrificial lamb will be in case it explodes. But this too could be
autonomous if someone decides to just open it without confering...or a mandatory
"council" could be part of the rules depending on the circumstance.

Clearly the "game part" would need to run on the ref/server and would adjudicate/enforce
whatever rules are there.

Could be an interesting usage of videoconferencing for sure.

Regards, Oz

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On Sat, 16 May 1998, Gary Dietz wrote:
> At 05:13 PM 5/15/98 -0500, Jason Williams wrote:
> >I'm up for offering my reflector...with the limited ability to monitor.
> >The one problem I've seen with trying stuff like this, the the fact that
> >there's no way to truly "grant the floor" to someone (turn taking for
> >example) without also limiting who can be seen at the time as well.
> >Observer and observer-broadcast are the closest thing to that but that
> >also restricts video and audio. Ideally, you'd want EVERYONE to be seen,
> >but only certain people's chat to be visible.
> Unless you use MeetingPoint.

Perhaps you could explain how I can use MeetingPoint to limit when people
can chat while keeping their video visible to everyone. I must have
missed that feature as I was testing. I know of observer mode, but then
cuts off all video, audio, AND chat from those not in the admit-sender
list. I wish only the chat to be cut off. Ideally, there'd be a
moderator that could control who's turn it was. Something like "turn -c
<ID> <IP>" so that no one's chat will go thru except for that IPs. I
never heard back from White Pine concerning the "aux-data <IP> on|off"
feature that I would have liked to see in MPCS. It could have been
extended wonderfully for this purpose.

If you're thinking about the GUI "grant floor" and "remove floor", I
believe all that does is send a "admit-sender <IP>" to the reflector to
grant, and "admit-sender -d <IP>" to remove. IE: it's the same thing as
observer mode. But I could be wrong.

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