Re: b and w mjpeg prob (new cornell)

ike relucio (
Tue, 19 May 1998 20:20:12 +0800

i think you completely missed the point here Jason.

the question was why is it that in WP 3.x, you can use the MJPEG video codec
to send B&W video from the camera while the new cornell returns an
unsupported video capture setting. Both the new cornell and WP 3.x use the
same PMJPEG.DLL codec file do they not ?

I've tried this with the color quickcam and you get the same results. With
WP 3.1 I can set the color quickcam driver to 256 grays and choose the MJPEG
codec in WP to send video. You just get the unsupported video capture
setting with the new cornell.

Since the new cornell and WP 3.x use the same set of drivers (the PMJPEG.DLL
codec, and the drivers for the quickcam) shouldn't the new cornell version
also be capable of sending B&W MJPEG video ?

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Date: Tuesday, May 19, 1998 01:18 PM
Subject: Re: b and w mjpeg prob (new cornell)

>On Sat, 16 May 1998, J. Stephen Downie wrote:
>> Why can I use mjpeg with my b and w
>> quickcam in the WP version but
>> only get video capture not supported
>> errors when i try the newest cornell
>> and its mjpeg???
>I'm not sure exactly WHY you'd want to use MJPEG with a B&W quickcam...The
>only people I've seen doing that with the WP 3.1 version do it so that
>EVERYONE can see them. Sending in B&W with 3.1 prevents anyone but 3.X
>users from seeing them.

Are you trying to say that if you use MJPEG codec and B&W video, everyone
can see you ? Obviously if you do not have the MJPEG codec installed in your
system, you wouldn't be able to see people sending MJPEG video (whether it
is B&W or color)

>I believe the MJPEG codec only works with 16 and 24 bit video sources.
>The B&W Quickcam only captures in 4 and 6 bit (8-bit conversion? I'm not
>sure). If you could select a 16 or 24 bit format, it would work fine. As
>it stands, I believe White Pine does some playing around with the formats
>so it will work in 8-bit. Of course, I could be completely wrong :)
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