Re: What IP Address does Cu-SeeMe use

ike relucio (
Tue, 19 May 1998 20:26:51 +0800

just a thought:

would problems with multiple IP addresses on the system be resolved by
editing tcp/ip's hosts file and putting in the ip address given by the ISP
as the ip address of localhost or whatever hostname you have given to your
PC ?

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From: Al Wiemann <>
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Date: Tuesday, May 19, 1998 03:34 PM
Subject: What IP Address does Cu-SeeMe use

>I had trouble connecting to reflectors using the new Cornell versions.
>We found the trouble to be with the internal LAN system in my home.
>I have three PC's LAN'ed together with internal IP addresses.
>When I dial up my ISP Cornell Cu-SeeMe tries to use the internal IP address
>as the originator.
>Under the same conditions White Pine's Cu will use the IP address assigned
>by the ISP.
>What determines which IP a program will use. It appears that all my other
>net software is using the dial-up IP when I'm connected to the ISP, why
>not the Cornell Cu ??