FIXED! what ip address does cu use

Al Wiemann (
Tue, 19 May 1998 17:29:31 -0400

Thanks to all who sent mail helping with my problem. Although no one gave
me a definite fix they did point me in the correct direction.
I got a fix for NT and my machines are all 95. It needs the registry
Here is the fix. Remember DO NOT juggle the registry unless you know what
you are doing.

Bring up regedit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - ENUM - NETWORK -

Under this heading there should be multiple entries just identified by a
number such as '0000' and '0001' etc.

Open each numbered entry and write down the values for "Driver" and

Now modify the values for Driver and MasterCopy so they are exchanged
between the 2 MSTCP entries ie.

if the Driver value under 0000 was 0007 and under 0001 it was 0002.
reverse then
so that 0000 now has a value of 0002 and 0001 now has a value of 0007.

(easier to do then to explain :-)

>I had trouble connecting to reflectors using the new Cornell versions.
>We found the trouble to be with the internal LAN system in my home.
>I have three PC's LAN'ed together with internal IP addresses.
>When I dial up my ISP Cornell Cu-SeeMe tries to use the internal IP
address as the originator.
>Under the same conditions White Pine's Cu will use the IP address assigned
by the ISP.

>What determines which IP a program will use. It appears that all my other
net software is using the dial-up IP when I'm connected to the ISP, why
not the Cornell Cu ??