status of the Cornell version 1.0

Bill Woodland (
Wed, 20 May 1998 20:26:08 -0500

A lot of people have emailed me directly asking when Cornell's new version
1.0 of CU-SeeMe will be released, and instead of emailing them all
individually, it seems much more efficient to send this to the mailing list.

Version 1.0 for the win95 has been ready for about a month, and Steve Edgar
(the programmer on this project) had planned to relase it in early May. I
volunteered to make the new web based users guide for this version, and
Steve had asked me to have it ready by the end of April. This is why I
sent the message to the mailing list on April 28th giving the address of
this users guide.

Due to the recent departure of the CU-SeeMe team from Cornell, and worries
from White Pine about competition from version 1.0's strong feature set,
the release plans have been changed. Version 1.0 may be stripped of color
and/or other features, or possibly canceled. Because of these
possibilities, I've been asked to remove my users guide, which I have have

To paraphrase a comment someone else made to me, I "made it available with
the best of intentions but this information presumes decisions that have
not been made and therefore is misleading and incorrect". Someone of
authority from Cornell University should be making an announcement soon
(hopefully this week) regarding the plans for this new version.

In the mean time, I'm aware that quite a few some people have acquired a
copy of an earlier ALPHA version, 96a17, (hence some of the recent
questions posted to this list regarding that version). For these people I
am keeping a copy of the users guide at this address:

This may not please the powers that be at either Cornell OR White Pine, but
this users guide is a very accurate representation of the 96a17 version,
and should be accessible to those people. They are actually helping test
that version, and in fact have pointed out a few minor bugs already.

Once I know more about the changes that will be made to this new version,
I'll be happy to update the users guide pages accordingly, post them again
on Cornell's server, and inform the mailing list members.

Bill Woodland (Squeek ) PC questions only, please.
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