Re: b and w mjpeg prob (new cornell)

ike relucio (
Thu, 21 May 1998 17:13:03 +0800

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From: Jason Williams <>
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Date: Thursday, May 21, 1998 01:12 PM
Subject: Re: b and w mjpeg prob (new cornell)

>On Tue, 19 May 1998, ike relucio wrote:
>> i think you completely missed the point here Jason.
>> the question was why is it that in WP 3.x, you can use the MJPEG video
>> to send B&W video from the camera while the new cornell returns an
>> unsupported video capture setting. Both the new cornell and WP 3.x use
>> same PMJPEG.DLL codec file do they not ?
>I believe it has nothing to do with the codec itself, but rather how White
>Pine uses ActiveMovie. As I understand it, ActiveMovie allows for greater
>flexibility between formats and was one of the reasons White Pine moved to
>it (so their software could be compatible with more capture cards (ie:
>DirectDraw ones)). If you notice, quickcam users can't send grayscale
>with the 2.X versions from WP either (which didn't use ActiveMovie).

i don't know what version of white pine you've been using but i've been able
to send grayscale with
white pine 2.x version ever since i can remember.

<<big snip here>>

>> Since the new cornell and WP 3.x use the same set of drivers (the
>> codec, and the drivers for the quickcam) shouldn't the new cornell
>> also be capable of sending B&W MJPEG video ?
>Nope, you shouldn't. The ONLY versions that can use grayscale MJPEG from
>a Quickcam are the 3.X versions (Cornell 0.92b2 can't, Cornell 1.0 can't,
>White Pine 2.X can't). The only difference between 3.X and the others
>that I know of that would affect this is the inclusion of ActiveMovie