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> As for the USB version....
> Microsoft can't get its USB drivers to work with many USB based devices.
> USB isn't something I would want to invest in because it will never replace
> the good ole RS-232 port. Though motherboard manufacturers had good
> intentions by integrating USB into their chipsets, it isn't catching on.
> Currently USB is going down - from what I've heard. Apple's Firewire
> (i-link) will be integrated into motherboards in the near future to take
> the place of USB. Firewire is already integreted in Sony, Panasonic, and

the following urls and excerpts may b of interest to those following this

USB ports on Mac horizon

By Christina Follmann (

Apple is shifting gears on its peripheral bus standard for the Mac.

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) will replace the serial and ADB I/O ports,
Apple announced earlier this month at the Apple Worldwide Developers
Conference in San Jose, Calif. (see 05.11.98, Page 1). The first Mac to
incorporate the new bus will be the iMac, due in August.
USB is the slower of two bus technologies Apple has anointed for its future
systems. FireWire, the speedy serial bus standard that operates as fast as
400 Mbps, will fill the niche for high-throughput devices such as video

Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 04:12:14 -0500
To: MacInTouch News
From: Michael Brian Bentley
Subject: USB, USB Plug-In Conference (and FireWire)

Silicon Valley is the host of this week's USB Plug-In Conference, where a
number of hardware and software companies large and small are plugging into
each other's USB devices, drivers, and cable assemblies to see if the sum
of all those parts works well.

Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 10:36:38 -0700
From: Jason Ivan
To: MacInTouch
Subject: RE: USB and FireWire

FireWire is not necessarily (as a technology) more expensive than USB. From
what I've heard, the components used to make FireWire boards aren't that
much more than those for USB. USB is cheaper now because of economies of
scale: most PC manufacturers are already putting USB on the motherboard
while FireWire is commonly added via a PCI card.

Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 16:55:38 -0400 (EDT)
From: William Allen Simpson
Subject: FireWire notes

Hi Mike, thought I'd mention that IETF has an active IP over IEEE 1394
Working Group, pretty nearly finished, and we are working on multicast
issues. We expect to be done in a couple of months. There are several
router vendors involved, and the target market appears to be router
communications, and connections to high speed cable modems.

Putting IP into a camcorder should not be a big problem (I helped put
TCP/IP/PPP in every Qualcomm and Sony CDMA cellular phone), and video over
the Internet could have a whole new dimension....

Mark Andrew Nassy,