Re: status of the Cornell version 1.0

Andrew Clarke (
Thu, 21 May 1998 20:06:53 BST

** Reply to note from Thu, 21 May 1998 06:51:31 EDT

[Warning, I'm going to rant here]


> Due to the recent departure of the CU-SeeMe team from Cornell, and worries
> from White Pine about competition from version 1.0's strong feature set,
> the release plans have been changed. Version 1.0 may be stripped of color
> and/or other features, or possibly canceled. Because of these
> possibilities, I've been asked to remove my users guide, which I have have
> done.

Way to go White Pine, you've just *guaranteed* that you will be *strongly*
disliked by all and sundry in the CU world with this one, heavy handed action.

In the past I have gone to great lengths to point out that I was 'anti 3.x'
and not 'anti White Pine', well if Cornell v1 is cancelled or emasculated
because you're worried about it, then my position *will* change.

Should you be worried? In an ideal world your 'Enhanced' version should be
sufficiently 'enhanced' to offer 'must have' features. It obviously doesn't,
hence you're 'worried' about it's strong feature set. Oh dear. What a shame.
Never mind.

> To paraphrase a comment someone else made to me, I "made it available with
> the best of intentions but this information presumes decisions that have
> not been made and therefore is misleading and incorrect". Someone of
> authority from Cornell University should be making an announcement soon
> (hopefully this week) regarding the plans for this new version.

I look forward to it with great interest.


> This may not please the powers that be at either Cornell OR White Pine, but
> this users guide is a very accurate representation of the 96a17 version,
> and should be accessible to those people. They are actually helping test
> that version, and in fact have pointed out a few minor bugs already.

**** the powers that be.

WP messed up royally with 3.x, and they know it. V1 is smaller, faster, more
stable, more intuitive, more informative (on a technical level) and, well, you
can't beat the price. If I were WP's CEO I would be worried about it, but
then if I were WP's CEO I wouldn't have allowed the release of 3.0.

*IF* v.1 is cancelled or crippled, I can guarantee that a large amount of
people will be *very* pissed off, with Cornell for wimping out, and with White
Pine. And I can assure you that in my own limited capacity, new users won't
hear a good a single thing about WP at all (not that they hear a lot to begin
with :).

And technically, v.1 doesn't actually support colour (as I see it), it only
allows you to utilise it when a seperate, third party product is available.
Just food for thought.

Right, I'm finished now, this high horse I'm on is rather uncomforable.

[BTW, This was written before the 'press release', only posted later because I
had to tone it down a little. For a Brit I don't seem to have a problem
expressing my feelings :) ]

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