Power from Keyboard

Kevin Lawless (kpl1@soton.ac.uk)
Tue, 19 May 1998 15:59:26 +0100

>I use a B/W connectix camera which is attached to the keyboard, but this
>keyboard connection is simply to draw power for the camera. All the data
>transfer is via the parallel port connection. However, having said that
>I have just set-up a Connectix b&w QuickCam and have installed cu-seeme
>software. I have tried it out just once with a friend. I lose the picture
>when I type and have to bring it back up again. He claims that he doesn't
>lose the picture when he types.
>Because my QuickCam uses the keyboard port as part of its connection I can
>understand that perhaps both the keyboard and the cam cannot be operational
>at the same time. Is there a way I can overcome this so that I can type
>and view at the same time? Thank you!

I recall I did have some problems with the keyboard hanging on reboot after
installation of the camera and other devices which took there power from
the keyboard. Perhaps if you sent more details of your computer to the
CU-list we could fathom this problem out. My installation seems to work ok
now. I didn't have any problems with software, instead it was my keyboard.
I think something similar happened when I hooked up an external removeable
drive which also took power from the keyboard. If you have a PS2 mouse
socket you could try that instead. You may need to get a small adapter if
the socket is to large. I would avoid trying to use an adapter to change a
normal serial port to a PS2, many motherboards simply refuse to work with
these adapters.

Kevin Lawless
University Of Southampton (U.K.)