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> CU-SEEME-L Digest 1497

> Topics covered in this issue include:

> 37) status of the Cornell version 1.0
> by Bill Woodland <>

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> From: Bill Woodland <>
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> Subject: status of the Cornell version 1.0

> Due to the recent departure of the CU-SeeMe team from Cornell, and worries
> from White Pine about competition from version 1.0's strong feature set,
> the release plans have been changed. Version 1.0 may be stripped of color
> and/or other features, or possibly canceled. Because of these
> possibilities, I've been asked to remove my users guide, which I have have
> done.

in my opinion that it is rather unfortunate that there is the possibility
that the final version of cornell cu may not support color. i hope that
cornell u and white pine can come to compromise that will be in the best
interests of all those concerned.

hopefully the solution would not result in the complete cancellation of the
release of the final version of cu or the complete removal of color from
the cornell version; perhaps something like disabling color transmission
on the cornell version of cu and enabling just color reception may make
most parties happy.

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