My 2 cents worth

Wayne Fisher (
Fri, 22 May 1998 14:22:53 +0000

To the members of this listserv:

During the past 2 months or so, I have become increasingly disillusioned
with some of the conversation threads which have populated this

When I originally joined this listserv about 1 year ago, I was under the
impression that the purpose of this listserv was to (a) discuss the
CUSeeMe program and it's applications, and (b) help the users of CUSeeMe
with any problems or questions which they might have. I was under the
impression that discussion was not limited to the Cornell client, and
that questions concerning ALL CUSeeMe clients were welcomed. I
assumed that I would be able to take part in an intelligent discussion
of the CUSeeMe client, and possibly help other users as I think I am a
fairly experienced CUSeeMe user. I didn't think that I would be
subjected to the constant barrage of comments belittling, smearing, or
ridiculing White Pine software, who I happen to think has done an
excellent job with all versions of their CUSeeMe product.

The recent threads on this listserv are, personally, an embarrassment.
Petty name-calling, ridiculing, and just plain vitriol have no purpose
in a constructive discussion of the CUSeeMe client. The constant
barrage of nasty comments directed towards White Pine, in my own
personal opion, are unwarranted, ridiculous, and just plain uncalled
for. If you don't like the product, don't use it... it's as simple as

To quote Cornell's own CUSeeMe information page:

"DISCLAIMER: Although we have improved it with each new version in
anticipation of a final summary release at the end of our project, the
Cornell version of CU-SeeMe is not a mature production software. It is
offered for free, but with no user support other than what you find on
these pages and others linked to it. For a full-featured commercial
product complete with user-support contact CU-SeeMe master licensee
White Pine Software."

Doesn't this imply that Cornell and White Pine are partners in this
endeavor, and are NOT working against each other? The recent postings
by some members of this list (especially the last 2 postings by Mr.
David Clarke), would lead the unexperienced or novice CUSeeMe user to
believe that White Pine and Cornell are at odds with each other. As I
have no personal affiliation with White Pine, I cannot verify this for a
fact, but, all indications from what I have read and seen confirm that
this is a JOINT project, and NOT an adverserial relationship. Can we
please stop with the vitriol, the snide comments, and the backstabbing?
Can we just discuss CUSeeMe in an adult manner, and leave the deragotory
and inflamatory comments off of the list? If YOU don't like something,
fine.... DON'T USE IT... but, please, stop belittling the efforts of the
people at Cornell and White Pine who, TOGETHER, have BOTH created
excellent products. Try to be constructive.... try to be
informative.... and, BEFORE you post inflamatory information (like that
last posting which included a bogus press announcement, which, in my
opinion, was mean, spiteful, and just plain UNINFORMED), ask yourself...
"Who will this benefit really? Am I operating under my own personal
agenda, or do I really have something constructive to say?" Personal
attacks, private agendas, and propaganda have no place on this listserv.

<stepping down off of my soapbox>

My apologies to everyone on the list, but I just had to get that off of
my chest....

- Wayne