Announcement Clarification

Larry Chace (
Sat, 23 May 1998 10:38:56 -0400

In my announcement note dated 15 May 1998, I was perhaps not clear on a few
points, so let me try again:

1. The entire group that included the all of the remaining CU-SeeMe
developers _has_ left Cornell University to work for Vienna Systems, Inc.
None of the developers, Mac or Windows, are still at Cornell.

2. The group's new activities are not related to CU-SeeMe. We will be
working in the general area of telephony products.

3. The group's leaving had to do with the closure, by Cornell, of its
NSF-funded "workstation telephony" project. It had nothing to do with
CU-SeeMe or White Pine Software.

4. While still at Cornell, some group members continued to do some CU-SeeMe
development work on a "back-burner" basis, mostly because it was fun and
because they wanted to see the program continue to develop in ways that
were compatible but somewhat different from what White Pine was doing.
After all, some of the group had been working on the program for many years
and felt a kind of affection for it.

5. The CU-SeeMe developers have never felt that the Cornell version was a
competitor to the White Pine versions. We always felt that the freeware
version served as an "introduction" to the fancier ones from White Pine.

(I'm sending this from my private e-mail address, one that has nothing to
do with either Cornell or Vienna Systems.)

Larry Chace <>