Cornell CU-SEEME 1.0 with Color

Rolf Hemmerling (
Sun, 24 May 1998 11:10:54 +0200

Hi !
I am going to rejoin this list now, at least for a while

I just downloaded and installed the Cornell CU-SEEME 1.0 with Color and
used Streakīs phonebook for the 0.92 version (works !)

User report - any other place to send to ? There was no E-Mail address
in the About-info of this version. Does the author listen to this
mailing list ?

a) The phone book closes if a connection is established - very bad,
because I must now try to memory what I did before in the phonebook !!!

b) While trying to establish a connection, Cu-SEEME hangs or even
crashes (it crashed at least once this morning, while the connection did
not establish)

c)I am using a b/w Connectix cam with newest 2.1 drivers, always using
64 grayscales, running WIN95:
There is a large difference in brightness between the "preview" window
and the regular self-view (with my name on the top of the window). This
is a bug - but which display is the right one to set the brightness ? -
I think the preview window is the right one !! It is not important what
"picture / color quality" is set. The "self view" picure is less

d)If I am connected, I may not reconnect as I do with White-Pine 2.1.1x.
I must definitely disconnect before I have a new try. Bad for quick

e)With b/w Quickcam: The size of the preview window is not right, in
opposite to the self-view window and the driver configurations

f)But, after all, its a small step with big importance. I wonder how/why
this release is legal, if I remember all arguments why there was no
color version of Cornell Cu-SEEME so far ! And it is still not available
on the main Cornell site today.

All about iphones, cu-seeme

g) If the program is so small, why isnīt there a WIN 3.1 version (or
does this version work with WIN 3.1 + WIN32) ?? 386-computers with 4 MB
RAM are no easily available for very-low money and would be still great
for video terminals.


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