Re: Cornell CU-SEEME 1.0 with Color

Jason Williams (
Mon, 25 May 1998 02:33:54 -0500 (CDT)

On Sun, 24 May 1998, Rolf Hemmerling wrote:
> I just downloaded and installed the Cornell CU-SEEME 1.0 with Color and
> used Streakīs phonebook for the 0.92 version (works !)

I suppose I can change the description for the phone book for "0.9X/1.0"
since the Phonebook went unchanged from 0.92b2.

> ***********************************************************************
> User report - any other place to send to ? There was no E-Mail address
> in the About-info of this version. Does the author listen to this
> mailing list ?
> ***********************************************************************

Unfortunately, Steve Edgar (the author) has moved on with the rest of the
CU team to Vienna Systems. The list is as good as any other place to post

> a) The phone book closes if a connection is established - very bad,
> because I must now try to memory what I did before in the phonebook !!!

In the Phone Bool, uncheck "Auto-close" and the phonebook won't close.
Closing the phone book is great if you have a set of reflectors in the
phonebook and just want to connect to one. You don't necessarily need the
phonebook open all the time.

> b) While trying to establish a connection, Cu-SEEME hangs or even
> crashes (it crashed at least once this morning, while the connection did
> not establish)

This is a problem with the TCP code dealing with port 7648 (Conference
selection menu). A temporary fix that will disable the conference
selection menu is to go to the preferences and enable Quick-Connect.

> c)I am using a b/w Connectix cam with newest 2.1 drivers, always using
> 64 grayscales, running WIN95:
> There is a large difference in brightness between the "preview" window
> and the regular self-view (with my name on the top of the window). This
> is a bug - but which display is the right one to set the brightness ? -
> I think the preview window is the right one !! It is not important what
> "picture / color quality" is set. The "self view" picure is less
> quality.

The local window is the one that counts...I believe you'd encounter that a
preview window from ANY program will be different in contrast. I
sometimes encounter it too. It may have to do with the 16/64 shades
difference...or a pallete problem of some sort. I never figured it out
really but the video you're sending is shown from the local window. The
preview window is there for diagnosing problems.

> d)If I am connected, I may not reconnect as I do with White-Pine 2.1.1x.
> I must definitely disconnect before I have a new try. Bad for quick
> operations

If I remember correctly, with 2.1.X, it ASKS you "Do you want to hang up?"
before it tries to connect, so it's essentially the same thing. If you're
fast with the keyboard, try hitting a "Alt-C D" to disconnect :)

> e)With b/w Quickcam: The size of the preview window is not right, in
> opposite to the self-view window and the driver configurations

The preview window is mainly a diagnostic tool from what I can tell.
Sending in color eliminates the preview window. You can also resize the
preview window so that's not a problem.

> f)But, after all, its a small step with big importance. I wonder how/why
> this release is legal, if I remember all arguments why there was no
> color version of Cornell Cu-SEEME so far ! And it is still not available
> on the main Cornell site today.

Perhaps everyone (including the development team) always thought it was
against the contract they made with White Pine. If they found out
otherwise, why not put out a color version if the CU team is being broken
up? If it's the last version from Cornell, why not make it something that
will last? I'm not really sure why since Martyne at Cornell hasn't
responded to the public's questions concerning this.

> g) If the program is so small, why isnīt there a WIN 3.1 version (or
> does this version work with WIN 3.1 + WIN32) ?? 386-computers with 4 MB
> RAM are no easily available for very-low money and would be still great
> for video terminals.

I believe this comes from a programmer's perspective...Most of the
compilers out there (I believe ALL the Win95 Cornell versions were
produced with Visual C++) only like to produce Win95 native code. That's
one reason it can be kept really small without having to worry about
incompatibilities with Win3.1/Win32s. A lot of the compilers optimize for
the Win95 platform as well I believe. I've been seeing 486 Win95
"terminals" for $60-$70. Low-cost computers will continue to drop and as
they do, the ability to put Win95 on them increases.

If you get 1.0 to work on Win3.X and Win32s, I'd love to hear about it. I
don't believe it's been tried.

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