Re: status of the Cornell version 1.0.

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> 21) Re: status of the Cornell version 1.0
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> Subject: Re: status of the Cornell version 1.0

> party codec support" or "video codec plugin support". Now all we need is
> for Cornell to include "audio codec plugin support", then we could add a
> G723 codec (assuming one exists) or whatever else.

id like to 2nd this feature request. i think it would b great if cuseeme
audio could use the quicktime audio codecs however instead of a direct
audio plug in support.

this would hopefully make quite a number of free audio codecs available for
use with cuseeme audio, such as:

gsm 10:1,
gsm wav49 10:1,
r24 50:1,
qualcom purevoice,
mace 3:1,
mace 6:1,
a law 2:1,
mu law 2:1,
24 bit integer,
32 bit integer,
ima 4:1.

and this system would hopefully b able to take advantage of any future
audio codecs written to work with / via quicktime. qualcom purevoice has
pretty good audio quality with voice recordings.

> up with all the mathematicians out there who understand all the algorithms
> used in the (standard, ie.H263, G723 etc.) codecs. And it would all be
> driven by a lively discussion from the users and the programmers! Or is

as a side note for those interested you can also download

h.261 video codec from

< >.

should version 1.0 of cuseeme b made available to the public in the future
i am looking forward to using the new cornell release with the new video
codecs that are available with quicktime 3. i tried video on the irc using:

h.263 and
sorenson video codecs.

they both resulted in great color video quality but the cpu intensive
sorenson codec produced really fast video over a 28.8 modem connection.

Mark Andrew Nassy,