Re: Cornell CU-SEEME 1.0 with Color

Phil (
Mon, 25 May 1998 16:23:03 -0400

>I just downloaded and installed the Cornell CU-SEEME 1.0 with Color and
>used Streakīs phonebook for the 0.92 version (works !)
>User report - any other place to send to ? There was no E-Mail address
>in the About-info of this version. Does the author listen to this
>mailing list ?
>a) The phone book closes if a connection is established - very bad,
>because I must now try to memory what I did before in the phonebook !!!

In the phone book, there's a checkbox marked "auto close". Uncheck it, and
this won't happen again.

>d)If I am connected, I may not reconnect as I do with White-Pine 2.1.1x.
>I must definitely disconnect before I have a new try. Bad for quick

I miss that too.

>e)With b/w Quickcam: The size of the preview window is not right, in
>opposite to the self-view window and the driver configurations
>f)But, after all, its a small step with big importance. I wonder how/why
>this release is legal, if I remember all arguments why there was no
>color version of Cornell Cu-SEEME so far ! And it is still not available
>on the main Cornell site today.
>All about iphones, cu-seeme
>g) If the program is so small, why isnīt there a WIN 3.1 version (or
>does this version work with WIN 3.1 + WIN32) ?? 386-computers with 4 MB
>RAM are no easily available for very-low money and would be still great
>for video terminals.

Have you tried running the old 0.89 Cornell CuSeeme on a 33mhz 386 with 4
It's not for those with weak stomachs. It might be halfways passable on a
100mhz 486 DX2 with 16 megs or more of memory, but now you're starting to
get into Win95 capable hardware anyway. Computers are getting cheap enough
that if you aren't happy with what you can buy for $500-600 this month, just
wait a couple more months.

I do have White Pine to thank for my CPU and memory configuration. :)