Re: Invalid Call to DLL

Ian (
Mon, 25 May 1998 23:16:24 -0600

Since there could be sooo many DLL's that could be registered in your
registry as "video capture" devices (from past installations), there is
really no convenient way to tell which DLL is failing to load.
Might want to try a utility called "Dependency Walker". It can be found at: - I386

Open CU (and other apps) inside of it and it will map all dependent DLLs
that CU is trying, failing to, and successfully load. This thing maps all
the way down to kernel level; so, it may look intimidating at first. Just
look for the RED signs and it will guide you as to which DLL(s) is screwed up.

At 10:34 PM 5/24/98 -0400, Kenneth R. Teleis wrote:
>I have installed both the White Pine Demo and the Cornell version of
>Cu-seeme and both generate a Program Error (white box) which says the
>program has made an invalid call to a dll.
>It gives no information on what DLL.
>I am using the ATI All-in-Wonder Pro card and have downloaded the latest
>Any ideas?