Re: Cornell CU-SEEME 1.0 with Color

Ian (
Mon, 25 May 1998 23:33:35 -0600

At 10:56 PM 5/25/98 +1000, you wrote:
>If you are interested in using old (and therefore cheap) computers for
>CuSeeMe, consider this: I recently persuaded my rather computer
>illiterate 42 year old friend to get his first PC. It's a second-hand
>486DX2/66 MHz VLB system with 16Mb RAM and a 250Mb Hard Disk. It only
>cost about $350 Australian, which is quite cheap (about 1/10th or less of
>the cost of a new Pentium II with 32 Mb RAM). Although I don't expect it
>to perform well with most of the large Windows 95 applications, I think it
>will run Cornell 0.92b2 quite well (haven't tried it yet).

What's really cool is running CU-SeeMe on a 486/25 (win 95) via a Hydra
server (NT Terminal Server). I have a 386DX-40 WFWG Hydra client, but the
video card is too slow to rx/tx video to/from the monitor. I think it
would work if I could find an ISA 1MB video upgrade though. Thanks WP for
making this possible with CU 2.x
I wish I had the money to buy an actual network camera; one that plugs
directly into a network wire if they make such an animal. Then my hydra CU
client's (composing of 386's and 486's) will be fully optimized to P200
speeds - thanks to Hydra.