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Rolf Hemmerling (
Tue, 26 May 1998 11:05:15 +0200

Am I right - it is *really* useful to get and install the time-limited
MJPEG driver for Cornell CU-SEEME 1.0 and usful for recording and/or
playing VfW videos, but *not* useful for any other video ftp tranmission
/ video conferencing / video phone software, including White Pine 2.1.1x
and newer White Pine 3.x versions ?

Is there any other *useful* codec available for use with Cu-SEEME 1.0,
for free ?

The only reason for my question for CU-SEEME & WIN 3.1 & 386- 4 MB was:
I got such a computer for free (assembled from several sources, but..
"almost" for no costs). So I sit and wait and would like to install a
ref on my fast LINUX computer, but I may not run a client on the same ip
as the
ref !!!

Jason Williams schrieb:
> In the Phone Bool, uncheck "Auto-close" and the phonebook won't close.
> Closing the phone book is great if you have a set of reflectors in the
> phonebook and just want to connect to one. You don't necessarily need the
> phonebook open all the time.
Thanks for that advice - I just didnīt see it (more precisely: I didnīt
expect that feature)
> > b) While trying to establish a connection, Cu-SEEME hangs or even
> > crashes (it crashed at least once this morning, while the connection did
> > not establish)
Thanks to WPS, I may kill the dead Quickcam driver and restart CU-SEEME,
normally. Btw, for all newbies, is there a special link on what homepage
for downloading WPS ? I would like to add this link to my own homepage !
I donīt remember from where I got it.
> This is a problem with the TCP code dealing with port 7648 (Conference
> selection menu). A temporary fix that will disable the conference
> selection menu is to go to the preferences and enable Quick-Connect.
Thanks a lot - but it is hard to learn about all conference available !!
So I must first try to connect to conference 0, and if a connection is
established at all, I may change the Quick-Connect item and then
reconnect again to look for other conference ids. This is the only bug
so far which prevents me to use it permanently without pain. There are
so many "dead" refs in Streakīs "current" list, i.e. there are many refs
which are not 24hours online a day, and so many IPs change so fast... so
no-connects to refs are usual practice, from my point of view.

Nevertheless, I am going to continue to support my own commented ref
list (refreshed by data from Streak) for White Pine 2.1.1x only (=
nickname.ini) for the next time, anyhow.

> > > c)I am using a b/w Connectix cam with newest 2.1 drivers, always using
> > 64 grayscales, running WIN95:
> > There is a large difference in brightness between the "preview" window
> > and the regular self-view (with my name on the top of the window). This
> > is a bug - but which display is the right one to set the brightness ? -
> > I think the preview window is the right one !! It is not important what
> > "picture / color quality" is set. The "self view" picure is less
> > quality.
> The local window is the one that counts...I believe you'd encounter that a
> preview window from ANY program will be different in contrast. I
> sometimes encounter it too. It may have to do with the 16/64 shades
> difference...or a pallete problem of some sort. I never figured it out
> really but the video you're sending is shown from the local window. The
> preview window is there for diagnosing problems.
By some fumbeling around, I got the "self" video running in proper
quality (but with 64 grayscales, then, the "preview" window is totally
black. I think that the transmission picture is now o.k.

These are the WIN95 entries in



Btw, which is for White Pine, which for Cornell ? Cuseem32 looks like
Cornell, or ?
> > d)If I am connected, I may not reconnect as I do with White-Pine 2.1.1x.
> > I must definitely disconnect before I have a new try. Bad for quick
> > operations
> If I remember correctly, with 2.1.X, it ASKS you "Do you want to hang up?"
> before it tries to connect, so it's essentially the same thing. If you're
> fast with the keyboard, try hitting a "Alt-C D" to disconnect :)
Exactly this behaviour would be great for Cornell 1.X. If I donīt close
the connection before I try to connect again, there is no "error"
message. So just a little bit more response from the usersīs interface
would be great. A minor complain, though.
> > e)With b/w Quickcam: The size of the preview window is not right, in
> > opposite to the self-view window and the driver configurations
> The preview window is mainly a diagnostic tool from what I can tell.
> Sending in color eliminates the preview window. You can also resize the
> preview window so that's not a problem.
O.k, I am going to keep it closed.

All about iphones, cu-seeme


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