Re: status of the Cornell version 1.0.

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Thu, 28 May 1998 00:49:57 -0400

At 6:16 PM -0500 on 5/27/98, Jason Williams wrote:

> You have to keep in mind that one of the nice things about CU-SeeMe is
> it's cross-compatibility with the PC version as well. A lot of the audio
> codecs you mentioned seemed to be Mac only codecs.

unfortunately some of the codecs mentioned in my earlier post are available
only with quicktime for ms windows 95/nt and quicktime for the macintosh
ppc. at least 1 version of the current ms windows 95 / nt cu see me client
unfortunately doesnt appear to support quicktime. this limits compatibility
of the audio transmitted using these codecs. some of the audio codecs would
probably be incompatibility with all current publicly available versions of
cu see me for: ms windows 31 / 95 / nt, unix, amiga, os/2 and some 68k
macs. true. i agree that using some of the codecs mentioned will limit x

however given the choice i personally would like to try the qualcom
purevoice and the qdesign music codecs with cu. the qdesign music codec as
i understand it supports cd quality audio over a 28.8 connection and that
it provides comparable audio quality to real audio and mpeg layer iii
audio. i also read somewhere (i dont recall where) that apple may purchase
(or something similar) real audio for incorporation into quicktime. should
future version(s) of cu seeme support macintosh or ms windows 95/nt
quicktime audio i would also like to try this codec. (was that hint subtle
enough.) :-)

being aware of the restrictions on its compatibility with other cu clients
mentioned earlier i would probably use the codec(s) under appropiate
cirumstances; however, i would at least have a choice to use the
codecs--and i prefer choice.

most people i have met on public reflectors appear not to be interested in
audio reception and quite a number of individuals actively discourage audio
transmissions so that some may not be able to decode the audio
transmissions may be a blessing. :-)

> long as you realize only Mac users with the codecs installed
> will be able to see you. I've already seen this with people using
> the Intel Indeo 4.1/5.0 codecs which fewer people can see.

true. i agree that only macintosh power pc users who have quicktime 3 may
be able to view videos with some of the codecs mentioned in my previous

currently there are some problems viewing video from some cu clients,
should you have a version of cu that doesnt support viewing that codec or
should u have an operating system or cpu for which that codec or version of
cu supporting that codec is not publically available. as an example: a
significant number of cu clients may transmit video using the m jpeg a or m
jpeg b and their video may not b accesible to some cu clients. on some
platforms the m jpeg codec is not available legally for free. (not that im
expecting it to b free but the cost may b a factor to some individuals.) on
some platforms/os you may not be able to view m jpeg video with some
versions of cu. despite some of these x compatibility issues the m jpeg
codec is supported by a significant number of individuals. while the
absolute number of individuals who can specifically view the m jpeg codec
may b larger than the audience that can view the codecs i mentioned earlier
there still remains some x compatibility issues with the m jpeg codec. as
i mentioned earlier with the audio codecs should the video codecs b
available in a future version of cu and should i decide to transmit video
using widely incompatible codec i would do so under appropiate
circumstances but i would have that choice.

as i understand it quicktime may b used as the basis for mpeg 4 and i also
read somewhere that the 400 mhz g3 will b able to encode mpeg without the
need for additional hardware. it would b interesting to me (at least) to
try this codec with cu.

from my readings on the usenet macintosh groups i understand that intel may
not interested in updating the indeo codec for the mac os from its present
version of i dont know if this codec is available for other
platforms such as unix, os/2, and amiga. thus it appears that the current
versions 4.x and 5 and future versions will never b available for the
macintosh. :-(

as an aside:
on my version of ms windows 95 i have in my:

control panels,
video compression codecs section

the following codecs available:

indeo video 3.2
indeo video 5.0.6
indeo video 4.4
video 1.

what determines on ms windows 95 / nt that a codec is available for
selection with some versions of cu.

as another aside:
i recently changed isp's and as a side benefit i no longer receive a much
spam as i did in the past. however recently since posting to usenet (with
a modified email address) and to this mailing list it seems i have begun to
get spam. (i web browse with cookies off and have my e mail address on my
web page.) i am trying to determine if it is likely that the spam came from
some1 obtaining my e mail address from this listserve. has any1 else had a
similar experience.

Mark Andrew Nassy,