User Interfaces

Cragin Shelton (
Thu, 28 May 1998 08:32:34 -0400 (EDT)

There has been continuing debate on this list about the interface on
Cornell, 2.x, and 3.x versions of CU-SeeMe. My own experience is that very
few users or designers of software actually study available research and
advice about user interface design. For those that want to bolster their
ammunition to defend their favorite or puke on anything they consider an
abomination, I recommend a couple of excellent books, both available from
Alan Cooper is called "The Father of Visual Basic." His book is a very
personalized view, giving his wisdom accumulated from paying attention to
his craft for over 20 years. The advice is his opinion, but his opinion is
educated and carries weight.
Wilbert Galitz is a psychologist and academician. His book gives
detailed prescriptions, and in every case supports it with documented
Both are readable and packed with good advice that every software or web
page designer should heed.

Cooper, Alan; About Face, The Essentials of User Interface Design; 1995,
IDG Books

Galitz, Wilbert O.; The Essential Guide to User Interface Design; 1996,
John Wiley & Sons

However, if you are searching the topic you will also find the following
book, which I do not recommend. Compared to Cooper and Galitz, it is
shallow, overpriced, and too much of a Microsoft cheerleader tome:
Howlett, Virginia; Visual Interface Design for Windows : Effective User
Interfaces for Windows 95, Windows Nt, and Windows 3.1;1996, John Wiley &