Re: Can anyone help me?

Kevin McCormick (
Thu, 28 May 1998 10:51:03 -0400

Hi Rick,

Is this a Preview (Beta) copy of 3.1.1? You might check the CU Support
group at and on the yellow menu to the left is a
link to fill out a request for support form which get's emailed to CU
Tech Support.



<excerpt><bigger>I am having the following problem with version 3.1.1 of
cuseeme. When I am using cuseeme the following message appears on my
screen: CUSEEM32 caused an invalid page fault in Module CUSEEM32.exe at
014f:00496104</bigger> <bigger>any ideas on how I </bigger>can remedy
this problem?? <bigger>Rick</bigger><fontfamily><param></param>