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Fabio Augusto (
Thu, 28 May 1998 17:19:26 -0300

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1) Rolf Hemmerling schrieb:
> Is there any other *useful* codec available for use with Cu-SEEME 1.0,

for free ?

I know places for 2 other not-so-popular color codecs than MJPEG:

- Intel Indeo 5.0 codec can be found in It comes as a
self-installer program (just had to run it), and installs few versions
of Indeo codec (from 3 to 4) as well as the Indeo video plug-in for
Netscape. I had test Indeo 5 and 4 codecs with Cornell v1, and works
fine: video speed and quality seemed to me better than the conventional
MJPEG video. Even you're not considering using Indeo to send your own
video, you'll be able to get video from ppl using it (I've seen some).
In addition, it also solved a small problem I had... Since I installed
Cornell v1, I lost the capability to send BW video - and didn't found
any installable greyscale codec. After I installed Indeo, I found black
and white video selection enabled (and functioning) in the correspondent
selection box in v1. I'm not sure if a BW codec is embodied in the Indeo
installer pack, or if the installation of an additional codec just made
a pre-existing codec visible to my copy of cu.

- H363 codec can be downloaded from; I installed it but doesn't
work with my copy of v1 (and have no idea why). Anyway, the URL is here
for anyone wanting to try...

2) Jason Williams write:
> In the Phone Book, uncheck "Auto-close" and the phonebook won't close.

Although this question didn't come from me, thanks Jason... It fixed
the only restriction I could raise about v1: with autoclose enabled,
trying to log in a busy ref demanded a lot of boring clickwork. And - as
it seems to be happened to some ppl - I just didn't realize that
selection box in the corner of the phonebook. After few days using v1, I
just can't figure out how I could afford 2.1.2 for so many time. The
increase of video reception and sending speed, when compared to 2.1.2,
is remarkable: for some busy and slow refs, when I just was able to
watch still frames now I can take REAL moving video. And even
considering that between me and most of the refs I have the bottlenecks
of saturated international backbones, now I can open even 4 color video
screens at the same time - and they behave like video screens, not
shots from Grammy's family album (as it happened with 2.1.2). With all
these features, I think I can live with the already reported bugs in it:
"fake" DC's when leaving a ref and few (rare) eventual crashes and


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