Re: is BIG BROTHER watching U??

Scott Lacroix (
Fri, 29 May 1998 11:07:47 -0400

At 12:59 AM 5/29/98 +0200, Nico Nindler wrote:
>something very strange happened to me. today i talked about
>marihuana on a ref which i find is not very much criminal any more
>these days. this ref wont let me in anymore. always says
>"no dope-heads on this ref!". i really wonder how the reflector-
>software recgognizes me. i dont have a static ip-address. i

They probably banned your entire class "C" or class "B" subnet. US Dynamic
IP's usually only change in the last digit or two. If only the last number
changes, that's class "C", if the last TWO change, it's class "B". The
server will ban users by subnet OR individual IP address, no problem.
So, it probably doesn't recognize you per-se... It's just set up to ban a
big block of people at your ISP. Maybe all of them.... :)

>already tried to reconnect and to change nickname. also tried to
>move the program into another folder. nothing helps!
>i use cornell freeware (b/w-version AND color-version) on win95.
>any hints? i will never talk about m..... again, PROMISED, but
>please HELP!! need to see my friends again!

You can't do anything from your side. See if you can complain to them...
or get your ISP to complain. Or get a few other people on the ref to
complain on your behalf... or find a new place to hang out... :(


Sorry I can't actually help ya!

- Scott


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