Re: Connectix QCVC, Winnov and Cornell CU-SeeMe

Kevin McCormick (
Fri, 29 May 1998 20:45:31 -0400

I'd try checking the Registry in windows but be Extremely careful! Make a
back up of your registry first! Then tinker with it. But your own your own
when you tinker with it. I never could figure why MS did it the way they
did. To cryptic and to hard to fix things. (IMHO only)

At 01:05 PM 5/29/98 -0400, you wrote:
> All,
> I recently moved from a Connectix QuickCam VC system (Parallel
> version) to a Winnov Videum Desktop (ISA version) on my home system.
> I removed the Connectix software using the Connectix Uninstall,
> installed the Winnov system and version 2.0 software, and more
> recently upgraded to the Winnov version 2.5 software.
> I am now experiencing very intermittent hangs when I start any of the
> last three Cornell CU-SeeMe releases, ie. 0.92b2, 0.96a17, or 1.0...
> Once CU hangs (and stopped using the Windows95 "Close Program"
> window), I am not able to use the Winnov Capture system, NetMeeting,
> or the Winnov Configuration system. They all report the video capture
> device is in use. The only way I can recover is to restart Windows95.
> Winnov tech support suspects legacy Connectix stuff in the registry,
> but I have searched the entire registry numerous times for QCVC,
> connectix, quickcam, cxcap, and believe I have removed all references.
> I have also run Regclean and reloaded the three CU releases after
> doing a cold install of the Winnov 2.5 release. I only see one video
> capture device in the Windows95 'Control Panel -> Multimedia ->
> Advanced -> Video Capture Devices' window.
> Interestingly enough, when I fall back to the Winnov 2.0 software the
> system is stable, ie. no hangs with CU, which tells me the Winnov 2.5
> release is the problem.
> Has anyone else seen something like this? Has anyone else had any
> problems removing a Connectix system and subsequently moving to
> another capture system had problems with CU? Are there other
> references to Connectix in the registry that I may have missed? If so,
> suggestions on what to search for would be appreciated.
> I believe the problem is with the Winnov software, but I am not sure
> how to definitely prove it to Winnov.
> Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions...
> Al
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