Re: Cornell 1.0 - answers&questions

Kevin McCormick (
Fri, 29 May 1998 20:51:24 -0400

Actualy this v 1.0 that is out is a hacked version and not the true V 1.0
that is out. Cornell will announce when they do a release of a released

At 03:07 AM 5/29/98 -0500, you wrote:
>On Thu, 28 May 1998, Fabio Augusto wrote:
>> I know places for 2 other not-so-popular color codecs than MJPEG:
>> - Intel Indeo 5.0 codec can be found in
>Yeah, Indeo 5.0 comes with the 3.2 and 4.1 codecs which Version 1.0 can
>also use. I believe Macs can only see Indeo 3.2 though.
>> it also solved a small problem I had... Since I installed
>> Cornell v1, I lost the capability to send BW video - and didn't found
>> any installable greyscale codec. After I installed Indeo, I found black
>> and white video selection enabled (and functioning) in the correspondent
>> selection box in v1.
>That's rather odd...since the Grayscale codec is builtin to CU itself.
>There's no "grayscale codec" that it needs to run.
>> - H363 codec can be downloaded from
>>; I installed it but doesn't
>> work with my copy of v1 (and have no idea why). Anyway, the URL is here
>> for anyone wanting to try...
>Actually, it does work..just not as a sending codec. Version 1 can
>receive H.263 from other users but can't send it.
>> Although this question didn't come from me, thanks Jason... It fixed
>> the only restriction I could raise about v1: with autoclose enabled,
>> trying to log in a busy ref demanded a lot of boring clickwork. And - as
>> it seems to be happened to some ppl - I just didn't realize that
>> selection box in the corner of the phonebook.
>That's not a "new feature" :) The auto-close was there in 0.92b2 as well.
>If you're concerned about speed of trying to get into a reflector, check
>out's CUnnect98 (
>With Auto-Close off and Quick Connect on, this FLIES. For Enhanced
>Reflectors, it will try to connect 3-4 times a SECOND. :)
>Definitely an awesome CU dialer :) But it's still in alpha stages.
>> After few days using v1, I
>> just can't figure out how I could afford 2.1.2 for so many time. The
>> increase of video reception and sending speed, when compared to 2.1.2,
>I don't understand this one...If 1.0 is using the same codecs, the only
>speed-up should be lower processor usage. But I'm not complaining. :)
>A lot of it could have to do with the refs you're connecting with. MPCS
>handles bandwidth a bit better so multiple vids actually works.
>Glad it's working for you... :)
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